So it’s 2014 now…

So it’s 2014 now…

So I must say thank you to my longtime friend Sarah over at ScatterbrainMusings, for inspiring me to pick up this dusty old blog and once again attempt to update regularly. Thanks!!

Now, to try and find something interesting to say. I don’t think there’s much point in attempting to recap the entirety of 2014 and the latter half of 2013 (which was when I last posted), so I believe I will just say that my proudest accomplishments during that time have been to get good control of my glaucoma, lose about 25 more pounds, and contribute to continuing to keep our child alive, happy, and healthy.

In August, my friend and coworker (and boss!) Ben left our place of business to start his own company. I am very proud of him but quite sad to see him go, as he was one of a mere handful of reasons I enjoyed going to work every day. On a practical level, though, his leaving means that I am now attempting to do both my job and much of his at the same time while we search for a replacement. It is entirely possible that I may be chosen to be the replacement, in which case I will get to hire a new me. His leaving also coincided with the departure of another member of my team, so it is safe to say that I have been under a metric crap-ton of stress for the past two months.

Jamieson began Kindergarten at the end of August. He was so excited about it, and seems to really like it. He loves his teacher (like, you can see little hearts and birdies flying around his head when he talks about her sometimes!) and seems to get on well with his classmates. The classroom discipline system consists of clothespins on color blocks; every child starts the day with his/her clothespin in the green area, and misbehavior gets the clothespin moved into the yellow, orange, or worst of all, red. I think the first week or two, the kids all got a lot of leeway as they were learning the rules, but let me just boast that he has come home with “green” marked in his daily folder every day except one (when he received yellow for talking during class). He also has only gotten one mionr disciplinary note sent home. I’m totally calling this a win.

Doc’s birthday was last weekend and Jamie helped me make him a meat cake! We don’t really have sweets in the house anymore, so we figured that a meat cake was the way to go this year. Two layers of meatloaf with glaze, frosted in freshly mashed potatoes, and decorated with asparagus and peas. And a candle! Jamie and I got Doc a mandolin for his birthday, which he seems very happy with. He has been learning ukelele for the past few months, and is picking up mandolin very quickly too. I love hearing him walk around the house playing and singing.

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