We just moved into a whole new class of fancy

We just moved into a whole new class of fancy

We finally, FINALLY got new flooring in our house!

We are fairly certain that the existing carpeting and linoleum/vinyl was original to the house, which would mean that it’s over 30 years old.

All together now: YUCK.

So this has been a long time coming.

Here are some photos of the carpet and vinyl downstairs, and the carpet in the master bathroom. (Yes, some brilliant home builder back in the early 80s decided that wall to wall carpet was the best floor covering option for a bathroom. I guess that they had never had a tub —  or, worse, a toilet — overflow in their lives. Really, just think about the implications of that for a minute.)

So you get a sense of how old and nasty it was. We tried valiantly to keep it as clean and fresh as possible, but there just comes a point when it is too worn down and too discolored, and there’s no option but to replace it. We actually reached that point long ago, but flooring is CRAZY expensive (at least, decent flooring is) so we have had to plan and save up for it.

Our original cost-conscious plan was to replace the house’s existing carpet with new carpet, and splurge a bit for tile in the kitchen (a luxury) and tile in the master bathroom (a must). We don’t know how much longer we’ll be in this house so we didn’t want to spend a massive amount on premium materials. We were aiming for “good enough.”

We sent the contractor home after the initial consultation, thought about it that evening, and realized that we really should look into doing hardwoods downstairs. Carpet would be good enough, but hardwoods would really increase our home value.

The next day he came back out with wood samples. We fell in love with the wide-plank handscraped hickory in a color called “copper” (which is really a nice medium brown) and decided to tighten our belts and spend the extra money.

And I am SO GLAD we did. That was probably the best $2000 decision we’ve made in a long time. It looks AMAZING and feels fantastic and our whole house sounds different now. Really, everything is a bit echoey now, and I like that! These pictures really don’t do it justice. You need to come over and see it for yourself!

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