Glaucoma, Part II

Glaucoma, Part II

I went back to the ophthalmologist this week for a re-check on my eyeball situation.

The good news is, the new medication seems to be working, and my eye pressure has come down to a level it hasn’t been at since 2008. (Why was I not told in 2008 that my eye pressure was higher than normal? Perhaps it wasn’t high enough to be worried, but just higher than usual? Questions I should have asked my doctor while in the office!)

The other good news is, I have lost all 8 of t he 8 pounds that I packed on during that first week of the first medication I was on. Apparently, beta-blockers cause me to retain fluid, which is something that I need to remember and add to my list of medications I am allergic or sensitive to.

So I just keep on the way I’ve been going, and see the doctor again in March for a re-check.

I just realized that I wrote, “the good news is,” which would indicate that I would be following up with, “The bad news is…” However, I do not have any eyeball-relatead bad news to report, for once.

More good news: the medication I am taking is inexpensive, especially when ordered through our mail-order pharmacy, which I did today. I also ordered just half a year’s supply of contact lenses, which cost an amount that is just barely within my contact-lens coverage reimbursement. I’m finding that I enjoy wearing my glasses more and more these days, so most likely I can make it through the next 12 months with a 6-month supply. I like not having to shell out any money for that, especially when our health insurance premium costs so freaking much every month.

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