Summer Adventures at Fair Park

Summer Adventures at Fair Park

Fair Park is now open during the summer months, with rides, games, and deep fried everything. I’m glad they’re trying to do something with the Park during the rest of the year, instead of only having it open during the 3 weeks of the State Fair.

A coworker had some free passes and invited us to go with her and her family this past weekend. Though it’s August, the weather was unseasonably cool (low 70, high 93-ish). There was almost nobody there. Good for us, bad for business. There were no lines at most of the rides. We could just walk up and get on.

The best part is, all rides were FREE. During the State Fair in the fall, not only do you pay your $25 or so admission fee, you have to pay for rides – anywhere from $2 – $5 each.

I’m not much of a rides person (or at least, my stomach isn’t) but Doc is, and so is Jamie. I lost track of how many rides he went on. He had the time of his little life.

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