I think that we can safely declare now that Jamieson is fully potty trained! Except at night, of course, but I know that usually comes later.

This is such a huge relief. We’ve been working on it for probably 18 months. He showed interest early on but then, maddeningly, completely abandoned that interest for a long long while.

The key with Jamie, as usual, is to not push him and let him decide for himself when he’s ready. So we kept asking and encouraging, but not forcing. None of that “potty train your kid in one day!” crap. I can’t even imagine making him sit on the pot for hours on end until he went. I guess it works for some kids; definitely not this one.

He’s been urinating on the toilet most of the time since early March, and then “doing number two,” as they say, since the very end of March.

Now if only we could figure out how to get him to consistently pull up his undies and pants afterwards. He’d much rather run around in just his shirt.

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