New siding, new paint, new water heater

//New siding, new paint, new water heater

New siding, new paint, new water heater

The new siding and paint on our house is finally complete, as of today! I’m so glad that it’s done! I adore rain, but it seems like we couldn’t get a stretch of two sunny days in a row for the past month, where they could actually come out and paint. The house looks brand spankin’ new (at least from the outside, haha) and puts our neighbors to shame. Not that that was our intent! The house color is almost the same as it was before —  a lovely deep rich red — but we changed the trim from early-90s-era faded forest green to a dark olive color.

The deck also got a fresh coat of paint (red like the house). So did the garage door, front door, back door, and kitchen door (pale cream).

I’m just trying to ignore how much it cost. It had to be done… no way around it.

We still need to get two sets of shutters for the front windows. I think we’ll paint and install those ourselves to save labor costs.

Saturday morning we noticed that the carpet in the living room was… wet. And stinky like bath towels that have gone sour. It turns out that our water heater, in the garage on the other side of the living room wall, had gone kaputt and leaked voluminous quantities of water through the wall.

Doc turned off the cold water supply to it, which is where he had traced the leak to. He also turned off the gas, drained the tank, and suctioned the standing water out of the closet. We thought maybe we just needed to replace a washer or gasket in the supply line, but in fact, the tank had failed. Who knew that those units have a lifespan of something less than 12 years? Now we do.

We had no hot water all weekend. O! The horror! (See me complain about my first-world problem, there?)

So we got a new tank installed today. The installer also brought the tank and closet up to code (i.e. installed a drain pan with a drain to the outside wall of the house — smart thinking, those code guys!).

I am looking forward to a hot shower in the morning. Today I left the house early, went to the gym at work and washed my hair there. Ick – it’s a fairly new building but those showers are pretty gross. Hope I don’t have to do that again.

(As a side note, I had about 10 minutes to spare when I arrived at the gym so I ran 1/2 mile around the indoor track… and pulled the same ligament or tendon in my left hip that had JUST healed up. GRRR.)

Anyway, now we just have to deal with drying out and destinkifying the carpet. Thank goodness we purchased a steam vacuum last year – that’s going to help tremendously.

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