Egg challenge

Jamie’s egg-allergy test this morning went well — no anaphylactic reactions, as expected. He’s tentatively cleared to eat eggs, although we will wait a week or two and see if he develops eczema flareups or intestinal distress.

We sat in an exam room for four hours this morning. I was expecting the worst (extra energetic 3 year old cooped up in a tiny room where he can’t touch anything? AWESOME.) He behaved remarkably well, though. At all previous doctors’ appointments since he learned to walk, his main focus has been attempting to leave the room. This time, he didn’t try to open the door, not even once during the whole four hours. For distraction purposes, we brought a supply of books and toys as well as the iPad, and they had a small TV and VCR in the room with some kids’ movies.

(We had to explain to Jamie what a VHS cassette was.  I am so old.)

He drank four rounds of increasing amounts of egg white powder dissolved in Koolaid. He had to be bribed/coerced into drinking the last three rounds, but for all of it, he showed no immediate signs of allergy. They told us we were “in the clear” and even wrote “Congratulations! You may begin enjoying eggs” on his exam checkout sheet. That is misleading, though, since he has never shown any immediate allergic reactions to the things he’s sensitive to. His particular manifestations of his sensitivities are eczema and intestinal distress, and that tends to show up a few days to a few weeks after the fact. I’m not convinced that eggs won’t affect him. We’ll just need to wait and see.

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