Weaning continues with ups and downs

We have had nine nights so far of weaning Jamie from one of his night-time feedings. Overall it’s going well. I went into great detail about the first four nights in a previous post, and I won’t bore anyone with vast amounts of detail here. Suffice it to say, some nights have been fantastic, with one waking between 1:30 and 3:30 for a super-easy, roll-right-over-and-go-back-to-sleep kind of feeding. Other nights have been more difficult with multiple wakings and difficulties getting Jamie soothed back to sleep.

But like I said, overall it’s going very well. It’s going to take time for him to completely settle into this new routine (and of course we are going to yank feeding #2 at some point soon too), and I have to say that I am very impressed by how much patience we, as his parents, are exhibiting throughout this process. We’re both remaining very zen about the whole thing, and focused on the long term. I suppose that’s one benefit to being “older” parents: higher patience levels.

Jamieson doesn’t seem to be any the worse for wear during this process. He doesn’t appear to be more upset than normal during the days, or dreading bedtime or anything of the sort. Getting longer stretches of sleep may be doing him good.

His allergist suggested we take him down to 1/2 his previous dosage of his medication, but he seemed to be a little more uncomfortable at that dosage, so we’ve taken him back to the normal amount. We’ll try the half dosage again in a month or two and see how it goes then.

In other news, he doesn’t seem to dig fake mustaches.

Mustache Scene 1

Mustache Scene 2

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