The Big Wean

This morning when Jamie signed “more” (asking me to get more blocks out of the bin), I told him “say it with your mouth.” And he did! It sounded quite a bit like his versions of “moo” and “meow,” but he’s not even 20 months, I’m not being too picky about diction right now. So I guess that’s his newest word: more.

He visited his gastroenterologist, Dr. Whitney, today. She was pleased with his progress and told us that it’s definitely time to cut out the night feedings. Dr. W feels that he’s waking up entirely out of habit now, not because he’s truly hungry. Between solid food, soy formula, and his vitamins, he’ll get plenty of nutrients during the daylight hours, and will also begin to increase his caloric intake. I couldn’t help myself, I began laughing and said to Jamie, “Sorry, buddy, Dr. Whitney is no longer on your side!” Doc and I are going to come up with our plan of action for tackling this tough task this weekend. I’m not looking forward to The Big Wean, but maybe it’ll be less traumatic (for all of us) than I fear.

Here are some recent photos:

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