New word!

Jamie’s new word for the weekend: apple.

His current favorite Jamie-language word: dippa-deeeeee.

We’re transitioning him now from bottles to sippy cups during the day. He’s not drinking as much milk from them as he will from a bottle, but the goal is to get him used to the idea that milk is only available by sippy cup now. Hopefully he’ll up his intake at some point soon. He has taken juice and water from a sippy for months now, but he only wanted milk if it was in a bottle. And overnight, of course, he drinks from a bottle. We also plan to wean him from night feedings soon. THAT will not be fun.

It turns out that he really digs V8. Go figure! So we get the low sodium kind and he drinks it from a sippy or a straw or even from a big boy cup with assistance. I can’t think of a downside to him liking tomato vegetable juice. We also get the V8 or Motts brand fruit/veg juice blends — they taste like regular fruit juice and I’d much rather he drink that and get those extra nutrients than just drink plain apple juice.


  1. Laura

    Oh good!! I love V8 too! Oh, I love their baby words.. soo sweet šŸ™‚ Good luck with the night weaning. I swear it’s not as hard as you think. Just do it on a Friday night šŸ˜‰ I’m glad I stopped by. I love reading your new entries!

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