June/July Jamie Update

//June/July Jamie Update

June/July Jamie Update

Over the weekend, Jamie began using two more words: Up and Bubble. Not together, although that would have been extra cute. Doc made a list of his current repertoire: Daddy, Mama, Ham, Hi, Nine, Uh-oh, Yeah, Hot, Up, Ama (Grandma), Papa, Moo, Meow, No, Bye-bye, Baby, Help, Bubble. Signs include: Help, More, Eat, Cookie, Book, Hurt, Friend, Dog, Cat, Water, Please, Thank You, Drink, Mama, Daddy, Wash, Bath, Diaper, Stop, Go.

Yesterday before bed, Jamie was snuggled up on Doc’s lap in front of the TV, watching a Baby Einstein video (the sleepytime lullaby one). I came over and sat next to them and put my hand on Jamie’s belly. We watched the video that way for a few minutes, then Jamie grabbed Doc’s hand and placed it on top of mine, then laid his own hand on top of Doc’s. I just about wanted to melt! Man, I love my family.

For the past three weeks, except for two days, Jamieson has done something completely unprecedented: He’s sleeping in!! He goes to bed usually around 8 or 8:30 pm, wakes twice in the night for a bottle, and has slept until at least 7:00, usually closer to 8. He wakes and then stays in bed for a good long while, rolling around and talking to himself and his stuffed animals. On weekdays, I get him up before I leave for work (we think he’d be really annoyed if I left for work without saying good morning to him). On weekends, we let him hang out by himself as long as he wants to. Sometimes it’s as long as an hour! Also, he’s been taking really long naps: three to four hours is common nowadays.

This new sleeping pattern makes me not even care that he’s still waking twice in the night and needing our attention! I’m getting more (and better quality) sleep than I have since before he was born.

We’re trying to wean him off the bottle, at least during the day. I know the recommendation is to wean your baby off the bottle around a year old, but we have worked out our own schedule with that and it’s worked for us so far. But now we think he’s getting old enough and he’s eating enough solid food now that we can safely wean him.

Our next challenge is going to be stopping the night feedings. It might go easy or it might be a nightmare; I don’t have a feeling yet as to which way it will go. I think he’s ready, though, and we certainly are.

Doc got him a train engineer’s cap and bandanna, and a wooden train whistle. He’s unbearably cute wearing it, and he LOVES it!

Engineer Jamieson Harlan Scott

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