33 pound sack of wiggling cats

Jamie saw his allergist yesterday, and Doc said it was a great visit.

First and foremost, our child weighs 33 pounds now. 33! That’s like 1/4 of what I weigh!! (In my dreams)

But — he is by no means fat. I mean, look at him. He’s a very slender little boy, and the doctor said he’s actually on the lean side of normal for his height. I tell you, though, lifting and carrying 33 pounds around all the time is wreaking havoc on my back and shoulders. I try my best to keep good posture but it’s not easy. I’d let him walk more when we’re out in public, but he’s still young enough that he’s very prone to just take off without a backwards glance.

Anyway, he’s doing very well on his new medication (Flovent, an inhaled asthma medication that he actually swallows rather than inhales). He feels pretty good most of the time these days, and he’s sleeping VERY well. It also could be partly his growing maturity that he’s better able to deal with it when he doesn’t feel well. We’re keeping him on this medication for another three months — but at half the previous dosage — and will then evaluate whether to try taking him off of it.

Also at the end of three months, we are going to try giving him chicken. The allergist felt that this was probably a good way to start reintroducing his suspected allergens. Chicken is probably the least potent of them; peanuts are probably the most potent. We likely won’t try peanuts until he is at least 5.

And we’ll continue the night feedings for a while, probably.

I like having a plan.


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