Baby Shepherd’s Pie

I am married to a genius!

Doc has discovered a way to get Lord Imperial Toddler to eat a balanced meal. He calls his trick “Baby Shepherd’s Pie.”

Take some meat — ham, turkey, or a hot dog. Mince finely. Take some peas (or green beans) and carrots. Mince very finely. Mix this together in a baby serving bowl and heat until warm. Take warm mashed potatoes (made with margarine). Spread over the meat/veg mixture.

Voila! Something our toddler will eat!! It tastes like meat and potatoes, which he likes, and the vegetables are chopped too small for him to notice they are there!

Another meal that I discovered he likes is Japanese rice noodles, cooked till very soft and chopped into 1/4″ lengths, drizzled with lemon olive oil and salt. Mix this with finely minced vegetables and meat.


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