Poor Mr. Pants

Jamieson has had a bad couple of nights. Last night and the night before, he required us to be with him nearly constantly throughout the night. Doc and I have been taking shifts, laying with him on the mattress we put on his floor, trying to keep him asleep.

He’s been having a particularly rough time of it really since Thankgiving or a little before. We went through a stretch of a week or so where he seemed more relaxed and was only waking once in the night instead of his up-till-then usual twice. The norm since then has been three to four wakings, until the past few days when it’s been six to eight times a night.

Last night his nose was very clogged and he was having trouble breathing, and that woke him up numerous times. And of course, his usual problems with gas and intestinal pain kept waking him up too. He’s been bolting awake from a sound sleep, shrieking and arching his back and stiffening his legs. It takes a long time to get him back to sleep, and we haven’t been able to set him back down in the crib; he’ll wake up the instant you put him down. So he’s been sleeping (if you can call it that) next to us instead.

Which means, of course, that we don’t sleep well either. He moves and twitches constantly throughout the night, and if we do manage to fall asleep ourselves, it’s fitful since we’re so attuned to his every movement.

We are getting desperate for answers. A one year old not sleeping through the night, EVER, is somewhat unusual, but a one year old who wakes up screaming in pain multiple times throughout the night… well, there’s definitely something wrong there.

His pediatrician is very interested in getting this problem fixed, whatever it may be. We go to see the gastroenterologist again on Thursday, and the pediatrician wants to talk to her about what’s going on. I’m so tired of hearing “he’ll outgrow his food sensitivities” and that we just have to wait it out and continue to try to control his pain through diet. I mean, if that’s the only answer then that’s the only answer and we’ll deal with it, but it seems like it doesn’t matter what he eats, EVERYTHING causes him pain. There’s got to be SOMETHING we can do… isn’t there?


  1. Laura

    Oh I feel for you guys. For the last week or so we have not only had Aiden’s reflux to deal with but also his gas/intestinal issues. So now I have to really pay attention to two issues. Does he need a big burp, or is his tummy bugging him? We lay on the floor with him and massage his belly, and move his legs up and down to relieve the pressure. We clap and congratulate him when he toots; he seems to like that πŸ™‚ I meet with his pediatrician on Monday for his two month check-up and will let his doctor know of this new gas development. I hope he outgrows it too although it’s almost a lame thing to say by year one. I probably should start writing down everything I eat to see if he’s allergic to something? When he cries for hours I just feel so upset and frustrated; the poor guy can’t talk and tell me what’s really wrong. I had him in bed with me this morning and yea, not a very restful sleep πŸ™ Good luck on Thursday and keep us posted.

  2. Valerie

    I hope you got some answers! It must be so unbearably frustrating to still have a baby in pain and not have a solution. And I know you guys must be worn out too. Sending peaceful sleep vibes.

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