Jamieson Update, early December 2009

So Jamie now has six teeth: his two front lower ones, and four front upper ones. It’s terribly cute.

We didn’t even notice tooth #6 coming in this past week because its arrival coincided with a bout of “hand, foot, and mouth disease” (I am not making that up). Poor kiddo had a 103.2 fever last Saturday, then developed a spotty rash on his feet, ankles, leg-fat creases, hands, and around his mouth. Also, we suspect he had a very sore throat. The fever only lasted about a day and a half (and high fevers have their blessings, such as verrrrrrry sleepy babies), and the rash didn’t itch, but the sore throat kept him from sleeping more than an hour at a time for two days. Luckily, the virus is very mild and he was feeling much better within a couple of days. He didn’t eat much of anything except his formula, and half-frozen applesauce.

Jamie is now standing on his own, and occasionally he will take a couple of steps, but he’s not walking yet. I’m not exactly eager for that to happen — I can’t imagine how difficult it will be to keep up with him once he can walk — but at the same time, he’s so heavy now (probably 28 pounds) that it will be nice to not have to carry him all the time.

He isn’t saying any words yet (unless you count his normal babbling, and I can’t tell whether any of it’s purposeful yet or not), but he is beginning to communicate by pointing. He’ll point at things he’s interested in, such as his sippy cup or a toy, or he’ll point and make an inquisitive noise, which we interpret as him asking what something is. And we can ask him where various things are, like the ceiling fan or the light or the clock or the Christmas tree, and he can look or point in the right direction. So he clearly understands a LOT of what we are saying now. It’s nice!

And he will be ONE YEAR OLD on Tuesday! I hope to write a year-in-review type post this week. Mom is coming into town tomorrow so I might actually have a few spare moments to write!

Here’s some recent movies of Mr. Pants:

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