Sleeping and standing

So the Infant Commander has skipped one of his two nightly feedings each night since last Friday. Could this be the start of a trend? His exhausted parents sincerely hope so!

Also, he stood all by himself for about 20 seconds this morning. That’s the first time he’s ever stood without support for that long. He was holding on to the edge of his Baby Corral, and I handed him a toy. He grabbed it with one hand, then let go and used the other to start pushing buttons on the toy. I don’t think he realized that he was standing without support until he fell on his butt and looked extremely surprised!

Update: this evening he stood on his own two baby feet, without support, multiple times! He clearly understood what he was doing, too. He had a small book in both hands and I was supporting his torso. I took my hands away and he grinned at me and stood there, slightly swaying, for probably 15 seconds before beginning to fall. I steadied him and took my hands away again. We repeated this probably 8 times or so before he got tired of it and crawled off. Milestone achieved!


  1. Doc

    I was trying to get him to do the standing thing for you a couple of nights before that but he stopped doing it when you came down stairs. As I am typing this I just got done with a 40 min soothing session that you took over from me… I hear that he is still moaning on the monitor and you have been soothing him for another 25 min. Unfortunately he has gone back to waking 2-3 times every night. I am hopeful that the few nights of only one feeding are a sign of things to come soon though.

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