Jamieson Update, October 2009

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Jamieson Update, October 2009

Jamieson has recently learned to:

  • Crawl really fast
  • Cruise around furniture with grace and strength
  • Point with an index finger
  • Point at your nose when asked to
  • Bark like a dog
  • Clap his little hands together in applause
  • Play pattycake when asked to
  • Enjoy playing peekaboo
  • Shake hands
  • Roll a ball back and forth with you
  • Roll a toy across the carpet with one hand while crawling

The milestones are flying by like crazy.

He also has gotten his top left front tooth, and should have the top right one within the next few days. I think he’s going to have huge front teeth like me. 🙂

He doesn’t yet use words to indicate something concrete or something he wants, but his babbling has expanded to dada, tata, mama, baba, and nana, among others. And he puts all those sounds together in strings of nonsense syllables and cute squeals and trills. It’s completely adorable to listen to him babble. He says “daddn” a lot – like “daddy” but with an “n” sound on the end instead of “y.” That’s one of my favorites.

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