Teeth, solid food, and pulling up! Oh, and a little about me too.

Jamie has both of his bottom front teeth. They’re maybe halfway in now. So cute!

lean mean teething machine

He’s also saying “da” and “dada” and “dadadadadadadada” consistently, and throwing in a few new consonant sounds here and there for good measure. “Ba” and “Ta” pop up often. Every night after his bath, we look at the water going down the drain and say “bye bye, water!” Last night I swear he said something that sounded like “Ba Ba Wa.” I’m sure it was just a coincidence, and that my mommy ears hearing what they want to hear.

He’s doing well with solid food. On the menu are:

  • Yellow squash (his favorite) — or as Doc calls it, “squish!”
  • Green peas (another fave)
  • Green beans
  • Applesauce
  • Avocado
  • Yams
  • Carrots (he might be sensitive to these)
  • Bananas (he developed a bright red rash on one side of his face after eating bananas… allergy?)
  • Rice cereal
  • Grapes (frozen)
  • Prune juice
  • Apple juice

He is pulling up all the time now. In his play yard, in his crib, on chairs and tables. Just today we saw him take a few steps sideways, which is what I think they call “cruising.” He isn’t very good at sitting down from a standing position, yet. He gets stuck standing up and gets frustrated. We are now shopping for a new coffee table that has drawers in it, since he can now pull up and grab the remote control, magazines, salt shaker, etc.

Has learned to crawl in the classic style. His usual pattern is to classic-crawl for a few seconds, then do a beautiful downward dog yoga pose, then sit. Wash, rinse, repeat. SUPER CUTE.

The past few days have been decidedly on the fussy side. Another tooth? We don’t feel any coming in but you never know. He’s also been more tired than usual and he has that blotchy rash on his face, which we have been attributing to the banana that he ate immediately before it developed. I’m going to call the doctor in the morning just to rule out any illnesses.

Last Saturday was fun. Kathryn came over and we went to the Farmer’s Market, then to lunch, and then hung out at the house for a while. Jamie had a pretty good day, which was nice, because it has seemed lately that every time we socialize with our friends, he is tired and/or cranky.

Yesterday evening I took Jamie to the splashpark again. We had a great time! He’s getting a little bolder and so we ventured beyond the tiny fountains at the edge of the play area. He especially liked being swung through some of the larger fountains – he giggled and squealed like crazy.

Currently we are planning vacations to Wichita and Washington, to see both sides of the family. I’m excited about seeing family, having some extra hands to help with the baby, and getting out of Texas for a while.

I’m going to yoga again to try to get back in shape. I’m tired of wearing 2 sizes above my previous wardrobe, and tired of the spare tire around my middle and the extra fat on my upper arms and back. I know it’ll go away, albeit more slowly than I’d like, but yoga will help with that.

I think my hormones are pretty close to normal again, FINALLY. I’m really feeling a lot more like myself again, and it’s been nearly two years since I’ve felt  that way. I’m especially glad that the scattered fuzzybrained feeling I had during pregnancy and the consequent sleep deprivation of Jamie’s early infancy has mostly subsided. I think I can actually pick up a book and read now without losing focus and interest after a few minutes. I’ll start by rereading an old favorite or two, then move on to the stack of new stuff that awaits me. Yay, books!

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