All the better to eat you with, my dear

Our baby is getting his first teeth!

His two bottom front teeth broke through in the past week. We have had several extra-fussy days and he has been waking up a lot in the night, all of which is fairly normal for him, but right now it’s surely related to teething. Their sudden appearance kind of took us by surprise, to be honest.

The first tooth came in last Thursday morning. Doc and I were discussing Jamie’s recent crabby behavior, and he said, “I suppose it could be that he’s got teeth coming in now.” I reached a finger into Jamie’s mouth to feel along his gums, as I often do, and lo and behold! A tooth had barely broken the surface! The second one came in on Monday morning. I discovered it as Jamie and I were taking our customary morning walk.

He’s had a rash on his cheeks and a bit of diarrhea, which I suspect are also related.

I would post a picture but I doubt I could actually get one. Every time I try to open his mouth he sticks his tongue out!

He is also eating vegetables now! We have had him on Happy Times organic brown rice cereal (soy-free) for several weeks, which he tolerated well, and about two weeks ago we began giving him avocado. Avocado is so easy — you just get a nice soft ripe one, cut it in half, remove the pit, and feed the baby directly from the avocado! Just scoop out the flesh with a rubber-coated baby spoon. He has also had sweet potat0, yellow squash, and, just today, carrots. I’m not sure he was crazy about the sweet potato, but he seemed to love the yellow squash. We mixed that with a bit of rice cereal to thicken it, since it gets kind of watery when pureed.

The jury is still out on carrots. He threw up his first try all over me this morning — I am talking from neck to toes here. Carrots mixed with Nutramigen AA formula, cooked for a while inside in a baby’s stomach — you can just imagine how that smelled. I had to take another shower, rinse out the inside of my leather shoe, and completely change my outfit before heading to work. And I just now realized that I forgot to use the scrub brush and carpet cleaner on the rug in his room. Hopefully it won’t stain too badly.

On Sunday he’ll get to try his first green veggie, probably green beans or peas. I considered broccoli, but I’m not sure you’re supposed to give broccoli to a baby. It can be tough on adults’ digestion, so I imagine it might not be the best thing for Jamie at this point either.

The crawling is also progressing slowly but surely. He has gone from rocking back and forth in place to reaching his arms out and lurching himself forward, scrabbling his knees a little, lurching again, and eventually getting where he wants to go. It’s not so much crawling as it is a full-body dry heave (sweet fancy Moses!). But he’ll get there. And as such, we are beginning to babyproof the house in earnest. We have plug covers, power strip covers, furniture wall straps, and storage boxes for our tiny display items (if it fits through a toilet paper tube, it gets put into storage). Next will come cabinet locks.

My dad is in town for a few days, stopping over on his way back from Ireland. (Nice, right?) I don’t think my mom is coming down for a while, but we are making plans to go visit them this fall. We will also visit Doc’s mom and the rest of the Kansas family next month.

We had dinner with Debbie and her boyfriend, Sandra and her family, and Kathryn and Rachel a couple of weeks ago. It was really great to see everyone again! I miss living close to all the girls and getting together all the time.

Lake Highlands North sprayground

Lake Highlands North sprayground

Last weekend we visited the Lake Highlands North sprayground. If you are unfamiliar with a “sprayground,” as I was, it is a really genius invention — a playground of fountains for kids. It’s a large squishy surface with all kinds of water jets and fountains and things for kids to climb on, swing on, and run through. They get thoroughly soaked and thoroughly tired out. The parents can stay dry on benches around the sprayground. There’s very little danger involved; drowning is a fairly remote possibility, and the surface isn’t slippery. It was packed with little kids on Sunday afternoon. I became the best friend of a 4-year-old named Lilian, who latched on to me and told me her life story (in the way that only 4 year olds can). Her dad was sitting on a bench, facing away from her, with his iPod earbuds in, totally ignoring her. I felt kind of bad for her so I listened to her babble at me for a good 10 minutes before I left and took Jamie back to our blanket spread under a tree. I think Lilian’s just a talker. I guess the dad figured he could get some peace and quiet for a while and let her talk to someone else for a change.

Jamie is really still too little to fully enjoy the sprayground, but he did like sitting on the ground in front of a water jet and playing with it. I think as he gets older it will be some place we really enjoy going as a family.

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