A big boy

Jamie’s moving right along in the business of growing up.

A Day in the Life 66

For some time now, he’s been able to roll over from front to back and back to front, and he now uses that skill liberally as a means of getting where he wants to go. He’ll roll over and over and over to get somewhere. Yesterday he rolled right off the guest bed onto the floor when I looked away for like two seconds. It’s only a 12″ drop because the mattress is just on the floor, but it still scared him and he started crying.

He’s now able to get up on his hands and knees, and rock back and forth. He gets so excited! He can get from his back to his belly to the crawl position, and from there to sitting up. And he can use all these moves in combination! It’s clear to me that he realizes the implications of this… you can almost see the wheels turning in his little head. Just in the past couple of days he’s occasionally done something like putting one knee forward or one hand forward, probably accidentally. The crawling is coming, and it’s coming soon!

In preparation for this stage, we’ve built a play area for him in the living room, consisting of a big puzzle-piece mat, some baby corral fencing, and a bunch of toys. We also bought some things that you stick in unused electrical outlets, and we have some furniture straps to secure bookshelves to walls. As he gets closer to mobility, we’ll need to crawl around taking baby’s-eye-view of things and put up temptations, secure cabinet doors, lock down toilet seats, etc.

A Day in the Life 75

The other cool thing he’s doing now is making “Da” and “Ta” sounds very clearly. It’s so fun to have a little “dadada” conversation with him, because it is almost like having an actual conversation. He’ll say something, and we’ll imitate him, and he’ll smile and imitate back, and so on. I suspect his first real word will be “dada.” Maybe “mama” will follow closely behind.

This afternoon I discovered that a laundry basket is a GREAT way to keep a baby contained and entertained! He wasn’t satisfied in his bouncer, and I needed to be on the floor of the kitchen cleaning and sorting out my spice cabinet. So I stuck him in an empty laundry basket with some books and toys, and presto! Super happy baby for about an hour.

A Day in the Life 89

A few nights ago, we watched “Something Wicked This Way Comes.” I’d forgotten what a good movie that was, probably because I haven’t seen it since I was 11 or 12, sitting in the dark in Suzanne Plunkett’s living room at a sleepover. I think we scared ourselves into not being able to sleep. Jonathan Pryce was fantastic as Mr. Dark, and he looks so different with a beard that we actually didn’t recognize him as Sam from Brazil until afterwards!

Today we watched (repeatedly, for Jamie’s and our own amusement) a classic Disney short called “Funny Little Bunnies” from 1934. I highly recommend it!

Hey, did you hear that Michael Jackson died? You did? SO DID I. Now could the news stations PLEASE move on to actual news? Like Sarah Palin’s resignation as governor of Alaska? Maureen Dowd wrote a fantastic column about it in today’s New York Times:

What looked like a secret wedding turned out to be a public unraveling as the G.O.P. implosion continued: Sarah wanted everyone to know that she’s not having fun and people are being mean to her and she doesn’t feel like finishing her first term as governor.

That’s about all for the moment. I’m sure there’s a lot I’ve left out, but I think two posts within a week is pretty good for me. 🙂


  1. seedub

    i know you’re smarter than to be offended if jamie says ‘dada’ first, but know this: ‘da’ is a much easier syllable to produce, and therefore ‘dada’ is typically the first word for a baby. mothers have been crying about this development for a long time, and they just shouldn’t. so even though i know you wouldn’t cry over it anyway, i still thought you should know.

    btw, i am proud to know other people who would know jonathan pryce as sam from brazil, rather than as the guy from the infiniti commercials where they also used that one like totally badass dave brubeck song, you know, the one in that crazy time signature?

    1. Katy

      I’m not worried about “mama” not being his first word; I definitely won’t be offended if it isn’t! “Dada” is much easier to say, and even more than that, Jamie spends the majority of his time with his daddy and so it would be only natural for his first word to be “dada”! Right now he’s mostly saying “a-DA”. It’s the cutest thing in the world to watch him practice! He’s clearly pleased with himself, and he sees how pleased we are when he makes those noises, so he continues doing it.

      Brazil is one of Doc’s and my favorite movies! In fact, I bought him the DVD box set for Christmas years ago. (It has the Love Conquers All happy ending version as well as the Final Cut version). By the way, I read that Terry Gilliam has picked back up with filming of “The Man Who Killed Don Quixote” – finally! If you haven’t seen “Lost in La Mancha,” his documentary about the disastrous first attempt at filming the movie (the lead actor fell quite ill, and the set and equipment were washed away in a flash flood on the second day of filming), I highly recommend it!

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