Pumping at work

I talked to a lactation nurse on Monday. I asked her if it was normal for a 3 month old baby to still be eating every 2 hours around the clock. She told me that we badly need to get Jamie to go for longer between feedings, especially since I’m back at work, because I need to be getting more sleep in order to remain healthy. Her words were “You have paid your dues.” She emphasized that there was absolutely nothing wrong with supplementing with formula, and in fact, she suggested that we do so in Jamie’s case. So I feel better about that whole situation now.

I have been pumping at the office this week, once in the morning and once in the afternoon. I found two empty private offices in my building (well, one office and one storage room) and I’ve been using whichever one is most convenient at the time. All our offices have floor-to-ceiling windows besides the doors, so I brought in a long piece of black cloth to cover it. I’m just glad that the door locks, and that I am not being forced to pump in a toilet stall like women at some less-than-family-friendly workplaces.

Pumping is going pretty well. I was worried that I wouldn’t get enough milk, but so far I’ve been getting right around the amount that he will need for the next day. I bring my laptop with me and continue working while I pump, which also helps distract me from the annoyance of pumping (it is kind of a pain in the ass), so I tend to let it go longer and get more milk. For the last two days, I’ve collected 10 ounces each day, more or less, which is a record for me.

When Doc gives Jamie bottles, he now gives him 5 to 6 ounces, instead of the 4 ounces we had been feeding him. Because he’s eating more at each session, he’s satisfied for longer between meals, and because I wait longer to nurse him now, I have more milk when he does eat. So it’s like a self-perpetuating cycle. Now that we’re on this new schedule, it’s working itself out. We just needed the extra nudge to get there.

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