Life approaching 3 months

We have been busy beyond belief, raising our child. Most of the time I have no time to sit down and blog, or if I do I am too tired to actually do it. So I’m going to give a quick recap of the past month or so.

In early February we drove to Wichita, Kansas, to go to Grandma Rose’s funeral and visit with the family. It was sad circumstances, of course, but nice to see everyone again. We weren’t sure how Jamie would do on a long car trip, but I didn’t want to stay here by myself for the weekend and of course I wanted to be with the family, so we decided that all three of us would go. The drive is usually about six hours when it’s just me and Doc driving, but it turned into about nine hours with Jamie, because we had to stop to feed him every two hours or so. He was surprisingly good in the car on the way up, sleeping a lot and not being cranky. However, on the way back, he cried for a good portion of the trip.

Also in early February, he began reaching for his toys now and then. He especially likes his neon yellow giraffe Chime-Along Pal. Doc got him two other Chime-Along Pals and he loves them.

Jamie went with me to the grocery store for the first time on February 9. He didn’t want to stay in his carrier hooked onto the grocery cart, so I had to maneuver the cart through the store and clumsily grab groceries with one hand, and hold the baby in the other.

I was off all dairy products for two weeks, trying to see if Jamie had a dairy allergy. It didn’t seem to make much of a difference. So I’m back on dairy, although I’m eating less of it than usual.

Rachel babysat Jamie on Valentine’s Day afternoon so Doc and I could go to lunch. We ate barbecue and then went to Best Buy to use up some gift certificates. Romantic! πŸ™‚ Rachel seems to be so in love with this baby; it’s adorable.

Towards the middle of February, he started to be able to support his own head most of the time. Now he can support it almost all the time except for when he’s very very sleepy.

We took Jamie off Prevacid about three weeks after he began it, because it didn’t seem to be doing much good. The doctor told us that he definitely has colic; finally the baby had a classic meltdown in the exam room instead of being happy and sweet like he usually is. Doc bounced and shussshed him as the doctor watched, and he confirmed the diagnosis.

As of February 21, he weighed 12 pounds 10 ounces. I’m sure he’s probably 13-1/2 by now.

We took him to a party at Joel and Valerie’s house, to watch the Academy Awards, and he was very well-behaved. He slept a lot of the time, and after he ate his dinner, Doc wrapped him in the Moby Wrap for the rest of the evening. Surprisingly, we were able to stay till the very end and were the last guests to leave!

Late in February, we bought Jamie a side-to-side swing. He hated the front-to-back swing that we already have, and seemed to enjoy it when Doc rocked him side to side in his carrier, so we bought a new swing for him. He has taken to it really well. He sleeps pretty soundly in it most of the time, at times when we know that if we put him flat on his back in the Pack ‘N Play, he would be awake and crying within minutes.

For the past week or so, he has been very very cranky and eating every 2 hours again. Growth spurt? We hope the colic will end soon because it’s so tiring for all three of us.

Just this week, he rolled over for the first time! From his tummy to his back. He’s repeated it several times since, and always seems pleased and surprised.

And on Monday, we started something new with him. I’m too tired to type anymore now, so stay tuned for the update.


  1. Sara

    I love reading your posts about Jamieson. He is only 8 weeks older than Oliver, so it is like reading about our very near future. Ethan is 3, and it is amazing how quickly you forget all these tiny baby moments and milestones. It always helps to hear that other moms are going through similar challenges and changes!

    How are you feeling about going back to work? I envy moms who find that perfect balance between work and being a mom. I’m a stay-at-home-mama full-time, and sometimes I envy my husband for being able to go off to work each day. The grass is always greener, I suppose…

  2. Laura

    I think you have it so together when I read all that you have done since giving birth (only 3 months ago!). I admire you and hope to be a great mom like you! πŸ™‚ You are so very modest and I can tell are a wonderful mommy. I will have to go back to work after I have my baby. I think I would go crazy being alone all day with a kid although the break from working would be nice. We really need my income and still need to save for a home.

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