Back to work

Foiled! Everything except for my work files, for easy access :)

Foiled! Everything except for my work files, for easy access :)

I arrived at work on Monday morning, my first day back after maternity leave, to find my office wrapped in tinfoil. Nearly every surface, including the desk, chairs, floor, computer, and most everything on my desk, was completely foiled. My co-workers wanted to decorate to welcome me back, and they found an ingenious way to do it!

I was a lot more worried about it than I needed to be (me, over-worrying? what a surprise). It helped a lot that Doc and I went over a plan on Sunday for how we would coordinate the morning with Jamie, as far as getting up, nursing him, eating breakfast, and getting me ready for work.

It also is nice that Mom is here this week, helping us out with my transition back to work. She’s been a big help, offering an extra pair of hands, a shoulder for crabby baby tears, help around the house and with dinner, and lots of love and good advice.

I’m seeing the beginnings of a nice routine. Jamie usually wants to eat sometime between 5 and 7 in the morning. If it’s towards the earlier end of that spectrum, I try to get him (and myself) to go back to sleep for a while afterwards. If it’s later, then we just get up after he’s done. Doc gets up when we do, and he takes Jamie while I shower and dress. I make myself some coffee and make sure I have my pump and bottles and lunch and everything else ready to go, then I’ll feed Jamie one more time before I leave.

I really miss my boys during the day. It’s hard to be away, but I am being kept quite busy at work so at least I have that to distract me. Also, I feel good knowing that Jamie is at home with his daddy and not at daycare at this young age.

When I get home, I feed the baby right away, then we have some play time and maybe a bath. We try to get him to go to bed sometime between 8 and 9, and then he’s generally down for the night except for feedings… although sometimes he is still Mr. Cry-Cry Pants for a while before going back to sleep.

Me going back to work is happily coinciding with a decline in Jamie’s colic symptoms. I think that he’s learning to handle his own discomfort much better. He isn’t as fussy as he used to be, doesn’t cry for hours on end most of the time, has long periods of happy or stoic time, and can entertain himself in his crib or pack ‘n’ play for 15-20 minutes at a time without getting upset. This means that all three of us are getting more sleep, which we desperately need.

He’s also learning to coordinate his hands much better. Now he can grab things on purpose instead of merely by accident. He likes to grab his toys, books, clothing, pacifier, his own toes, our hair, Doc’s beard, and my bra. When Doc feeds him, he can now grab the bottle (but he can’t hold it by himself). I think he’s really excited to have more control like this.

He’s also started to laugh when he finds something funny. It’s different than his regular coos and giggles.

And he’s also teething. Tons of drool, tons of sucking on his own hands, and more fussiness (his colic decreases, and the teething starts up… sigh). He loves when we rub on his gums with our fingers. It is time for us to get some teething toys that we can chill. Doc found one that vibrates, which we think he’ll like because he likes sucking on his vibrating duck toy. Unfortunately, even though he’s getting good at grabbing stuff now, he can’t coordinate enough to get things into his mouth yet.


  1. Carrie

    I think it is cool that you were missed enough to be foiled!

    Children always move from one stage (“thank god this is over”) to the next (“Oh my god, not this now”). Everything in between is just about the most damn near perfect, joyous life you can lead.

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