Watch where you point that thing


Thank goodness baby pee is sterile. I’ve lost count of how many times Jamie has winkled on me. I guess this is just what happens when you  have a baby boy. Diaper changing time can be hazardous if you’re not careful.

We have some “pee pee teepees” because we thought that they would help soak up the sudden urine fountains, but they’re so small and they don’t stay on very well when he wiggles around. We gave up trying to use them, and for some reason (sleep deprivation?), we can’t seem to remember to cover him with a cloth while changing him.

Tonight before Jamieson’s bath, Doc was giving him some naked-time on the changing table (he really seems to enjoy being naked), when suddenly: whizzzzz! Doc has quick reflexes and put his hand over the stream, confining it to a small area around the source. He wiped the pee off the wall and changing table, and turned Jamie over for some tummy time. Later we picked him up to take him to the bathtub, and discovered he’d peed again on the changing pad. And then after his bath as I was preparing to put on his diaper, WHIZZZZ! Again. My immediate reaction was to yank my hand back (Doc laughed over this! I have not yet developed the catlike pee-stopping reflexes.). This time Jamieson coated his entire body, including his face. His face!! Covered in pee!! Aaaagh! He seemed surprised by the sudden wettening, but not upset.



  1. Carrie

    I had a hilarious conversation over lunch today in which those of us with older children who’ve never heard of such a thing, wondered if one could do shots with the pee pee teepees.

  2. Peter

    The trick is that when cold air hits their more sensitive parts it makes them want to wee. So open the diaper, let some cold air in and then close it–you can ask them if they need to pee too. He may not respond but he’ll understand the question. Much of the time they’ll help you out.

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