Kat and the Vintage Vibes

Kathryn sings it!

Kathryn sings it!

Kathryn recently joined a band called The Vintage Vibes, a 40s/50s rock/swing band. She’s amazing! You can listen to a few of her songs on the band’s MySpace page.

Tuesday night we watched her perform at a blues bar in Arlington (that’s a nice loooong drive). It was really more of a rehearsal than a bona fide performance, but we really wanted to see her nonetheless. We brought Jamie, since we’re really not at a point where we are prepared to leave him with a babysitter for more than an hour or two (and besides Grandma and Auntie Rachel, we don’t really have anyone to sit for him yet anyway). It was too loud and smoky to take him inside, so we switched off staying in the car with him. I’m still counting it as his first trip to a bar, though. 🙂

Kathryn was absolutely fantastic! She looked gorgeous in that blue dress and man oh man, can she ever sing. I really think that this style of music suits her voice better than anything I’ve ever heard her sing before. She sings it like she means it! 

Definitely go to see her if you get a chance — I imagine there might even be dancing! When she has a schedule of shows available, I’ll post it here.


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