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Yum. Frozen mom!

Yum. Frozen mom!

Odd and kinda squicky: As breastfed babies get older, as a treat or for sore baby throats or as a primer for solid food, try making Momsicles! Yes, they are exactly what you think they are. I’m not sure how you get the milk to stay mixed as it freezes, though… because when breastmilk settles, it separates into layers.

We think Jamie’s growth spurt might be coming to a close. He has eaten less frequently over the past 24 hours, which as been great as far as giving my poor boobs a little bit of extra recuperation time inbetween feedings.

I’m pumping milk more and more these past few days, in an effort to build up a supply. Our lactation consultant recommended we have 2 weeks’ worth of daytime milk frozen and ready to go by the time I return to work in mid-March. That seems like a daunting amount right now, but I guess we have some time to work on it.

Happily, Jamie’s intestinal discomfort and rumblings don’t seem to frighten him as much anymore. When he was brand new, any little thing going on on his tummy or intestines would wake him up and he’d start fussing. Now he deals with it a lot easier on his own, and even though he may rustle around and squeak in his sleep, it usually doesn’t wake him up. Sometimes his sleep noises mean he’s about to wake up and cry; sometimes they don’t. We’re getting better at telling the difference.


  1. Katy

    Ew, ick!

    Um, I have to admit though… I tasted my milk Just a few drops! I didn’t go all “Mr. Mom” and squirt it into my coffee or anything. It’s very thin and sweet tasting. Wouldn’t make for good cheese. 🙂

  2. Doc

    “Happily, Jamie’s intestinal discomfort and rumblings don’t seem to frighten him as much anymore. ”

    Oops, you may have spoke a bit too soon… I’m sure a little more time will take care of this recent wave of discomfort and his deafening reaction to it. I don’t really think I lost any of my hearing in that ear that still hurts.

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