Things I love about Jamie

He was born with long fingernails.

His feet are huge, and he has really long toes.

His hair is unbelievably soft, and the same medium brown as his daddy’s hair. In sunlight it shines golden.

He makes this little “heh… heh… heh… heh” sound when he’s trying to tell us something.

He smiles. It’s not “just gas.” Or if it is, I am choosing to believe he’s really smiling.

He can already hold his own head up a lot of the time.

He smells like baby. New parents know what I’m talking about.

His little tongue is heart shaped.

Sometimes he just stares at me or Doc, and his eyes scan back and forth across our faces like he’s processing data.

Breastfeeding him is such a surprising source of satisfaction for me. It takes up so much of my time and energy but I just love it.

He usually gets calm when Doc sings to him.

He likes being swaddled up in blankets his grandma made for him, like a little baby burrito.

When he’s really mad, he turns bright red all over. He gets mad when you change his diaper or his clothes. Not all the time, though.

Also, when he’s super angry, he makes this little trilling cry. I know he’s mad but I can’t help thinking how cute it is.

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