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Just had another doctor appointment. My doctor, apparently, went on vacation out of the country today and did not alert me to this fact ahead of time. He called last night to check on me and my phone’s ringer was off (d’oh); surely he would have mentioned this had I picked up the phone. I found out this morning when I called his office to say that today is my due date, I haven’t had the baby yet, and should I come in for an appointment today.

So I had to see the third doctor in the practice this afternoon, who I’ve never met before, and he was somewhat brusque, not forthcoming with information, and quite clearly wanted us out of there as quickly as possible.

I understand needing to work quickly since they are short one doctor, but it’s my first baby, my regular doctor left without warning, it’s my due date, labor has not started and shows no real signs of doing so, and I just wish he would have slowed down and showed a little compassion. As it was, I was able to hold back my tears of frustration until after he left the room.

I’m ok now though. So, I am still dilated only 1.5cm, the baby is showing good movement, and they are going to schedule an induction for December 11 in case I still need it by then.

Hopefully I won’t. And all those weird feelings I was having last week meant nothing. That’ll teach me to trust my instincts. Apparently they don’t work very well.


  1. Carrie

    Always trust your instincts. They mean everything, even when they appear inaccurate. Your body has been doing something, in fact for nine months and last week was no different.

    The doctor is just a cog in a wheel that is already moving. It is good that they have the basic knowledge and reassuring when they seem interested. But they are really very invested, even if for only selfish reasons, in the very best outcome for everyone. REMAIN CALM.

    Or, I brought Anna into the world in a fit of indignant rage because I went to the hospital too late to get the appropriate pain killer. I was cussing so much that Mark kept whispering to me that the Drs. where going to leave. I said things like “I don’t know how you do this all day and then go home and (have sex – not the words I used) with your wife.” And “you must have missed that class in medical school.” I was REALLY unpleasant. Alas, Anna arrived and is now applying to college. Surprisingly, she still doesn’t cuss as much as I do.

    This birth will be the first and most perfect of any you have to have. Unless or until you have another one. Even if it is the worst. You don’t remember so much once the baby is here, except the stories that become family legend. (Such as the one above or how I went into labor with Nathan (after many false starts) trying to drag the neighbors 150lbs dog back home.)

    I have to get back to work. I’ve experienced a day at the other end of the life cycle and have had two tenants I worked closely with die over the holidays. So, I’m sad but excited about the arrival, even as late as the 11th of December, a fine day by all accounts. Hang in there.

  2. Rachel

    Hang in there Katy frou-frou. Mr. Baby will come when he is good and ready. Your instincts were telling you to stay close to home because you needed the rest. Not exactly what you thought they were telling you but you were right to listen to them. Keep trusting your instincts, babe.

  3. Bonnie

    When does your doctor come back? My doctor was never brusque, but sometimes she did seem distracted and like she needed to move on to the next patient. But when I was in labor, her attention was only on me.

    Hmm, I was going to give you some advice on how to make the waiting easier, but then I realized nothing really makes it easier. Just take it a day at a time. At least you have the 11th as the endpoint. Tracy was 3 weeks overdue!

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