Is there really a baby?

Ugh. Now it just feels like I was wrong. The baby isn’t going to come at all. Everything I was feeling: wrong. No baby, he’s never going to arrive.

People seem amazed that I am not just lying around in bed all day, that I’m up and walking around and running errands and getting things done. Should I be sitting around doing nothing? Is the fact that I’m mobile and acting “normal” making it so that the baby won’t come? If I act like I’m not pregnant, does that make me actually not pregnant? I felt like crap for about a week and then started feeling a lot better. Did he disappear? Am I faking it now?

Stupid, I know. I’m just tired and feel emotionally numb and weird things go through my head.


  1. Yvonne

    I think it’s pretty common for first babies to come a little late. And it’s good you’re keeping busy. First of all, you won’t go crazy with boredom, and second, I don’t think resting makes the baby come any faster. I think my labor may have been encouraged by some of the active stuff I was doing at the end, but who the hell knows? It’s the baby who releases the hormone that gets the party started.

  2. Katy

    Yeah, I know…. I’m just impatient. (Me? Impatient? Who would have guessed.) I guess it’s just because I’d prepared so diligently and then things seemed like they were progressing, and I was finally READY! Ready, I say! And then… nothing. I am in a holding pattern, just hovering and waiting.

    I know I need to be relaxing and enjoying this time of not working, lazing around the house, taking walks in the cool crisp autumn sunshine, having my mama cook and clean my house, etc. I’m trying!!

  3. Peter

    Don’t rush it. These things have to happen in their own time. When Susan was well into labor (broken water, effaced some, etc) they told us it would be another 10 hours or so before stage iii labor. So they suggested we went for a walk. We did, contractions and all. We came back 3 hours later. They _meant_ around the hospital. We went and visited the Frye, checked out Seattle U, made a detour by the Ferrari dealership to oogle…
    They thought we’d gone AWOL and had headed to a competing hospital.

    Even when labor starts, it may take a while. Patience, grasshopper.

  4. Laura

    I keep checking back to see how you are. I’ve heard the last days of pregnancy are rough; you sound fine all things considered. I’m sure everything you feel is very normal. I agree with everyone above; just relax and enjoy it. Pretty soon your life will change forever. Take care of you. 🙂

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