Endgame: December 11

I’m going a little stir crazy here. Doc and Mom are taking care of absolutely everything: cooking, cleaning, moving stuff around, errands, etc. etc. etc. And that’s really super nice! But it also makes it so that I have nothing to do, and that in turn is making me a little crazy. Over the past week I have: sat on my butt, watched TV, watched movies, played Playstation, eaten three meals a day, gone on walks daily around the neighborhood or around NorthPark Mall, run a few errands, tagged many of my old blog posts, checked e-mail, updated Facebook, sat on my butt, sat on my butt, napped, and did I mention the sitting on my butt part of things?

And said butt isn’t too comfortable to be sitting on these days. One of the joys of pregnancy.

Mom made some freaking awesome brisket today. Sorry, Brett, but as it turns out, my mom’s brisket kicks your brisket’s ass. AND it has CELERY SALT on it! She’s over at a friend’s house tonight, but she left us the brisket, barbecue gravy, coleslaw, buns, and twice-baked potatoes for dinner (all homemade, including the buns). She’s killing us with calories!!

Today I talked to one of the nurses that works with the doctor that I saw on Monday. She was super nice and took the time to talk to me and explain what was going on. I guess part of my uneasiness about this other doctor was that I kind of felt like I might be forgotten since I wasn’t one of his regular patients and he was so hurry-hurry during my visit on Monday. But after talking to Deandra, I feel much much better about things.

My induction is scheduled for 6 a.m. on Thursday, December 11, if Mr. Baby doesn’t decide to make his appearance before then.

December 11 seems like a nice day for a birthday. Of course, I would much prefer if he came of his own free will ahead of that date; induced labors are often longer, more intense, and have more complications such as a higher risk of C-section.

She explained to me what to pack for the hospital: hair care stuff and scrunchies to tie my hair back, toiletries, pajamas, socks, my own pillow.

She also said that beginning next Monday, the 8th, the maternity ward’s remodeling will be complete and all the rooms will be the much nicer newly refurbished rooms. Doc figures maybe that’s why I haven’t gone into labor yet. Mr. Baby is holding out for an upgrade! So really, if he doesn’t come until Monday or later, at least I have snazzy surroundings to look forward to.


  1. Yvonne

    Are there any things you might want to do for fun? Maybe a prenatal yoga class, massage, movie, pedicure? Or maybe you should drive to Austin for a visit. Then you’re SURE to go into labor. 😉

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