Abortion gift certificates?

Overheard on the local news TV station just now: “People do not support the idea of gift certificates for abortion. We’ll have more after the break.”


The real story is not as strange as the news made it out to sound, quite unsurprisingly. By the way, I despise it when news programs do that… in a desperate attempt to retain viewers, they make an exaggerated or shock-value statement in order to get people to stick around and watch the advertisements so they don’t miss ‘the rest of the story’ when the news returns.

Planned Parenthood of Indiana is offering gift certificates that can be used toward any of their health care services, including abortions. I think the idea of GC’s for health services is maybe a little weird, but we are living in a world where lots of people don’t have health insurance, so… OK. Perhaps a gift card that could be redeemed for a yearly checkup or pap smear or birth control would be appreciated. But how do you give such a gift? “Happy Holidays! Here’s a gift certificate for an upcoming abortion or other health service of your choice!” Just plain odd.


  1. Carrie

    Mental Health and Pharmaceutical Gift Certificates would be popular at family events. (Seriously, though, a true need. I have so many individuals I serve that can’t make the co-payments required even if you are eligible for these services at reduced/free rates. Getting drunk – or whatever their “therapy” of choice, including NOT PURCHASING the much needed prescribed medicine – is so much easier in terms of cost and paperwork.)

  2. Katy

    That’s a great point, Carrie. And really, I’m not saying that I think these are a bad idea; in fact, the more I think about it, the more I think that it’s a very GOOD idea to give someone something they may truly need like this. The way the news station teased the story just caught me off guard.

  3. K

    While I agree that gift certificates is an interesting and relatively helpful idea, certainly moreso now based on Carrie’s comments, I think what gets me is the concept that you could apply them towards an abortion. I imagine it’s probably an issue of equanimity on their part- gift certificates are either applicable to all services or none. But considering a gift certificate is usually given in anticipation of a time of need (i.e. I don’t currently need anything from Lowe’s, but I shop there a lot so a gc is nice and will probably come in handy in the near future).. I dunno. I’m all for people being able to pay for medications that they need, but that aspect rubs me wrong.

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