Weighing in at 6 and 3/4 pounds…

My doctor’s appointment went well. He estimated that the baby weighs about 6-3/4 pounds now. Everything looks good downtown. No signs of early labor. 

I have appointments every Monday morning from now until the baby is born.

Just in the past two or three days I’m feeling very weighty… heavy and slow, and moving is ever more painful. Sleeping is really uncomfortable now. There just isn’t a way to lie or a place to rest my belly that feels good. When I wake up in the night it’s hard to get back to sleep due to discomfort and crazy little baby movements. He’s still very active at night.

The baby’s feet are trying real hard to jam themselves into my ribs. Luckily I’m tall enough that it’s not too painful yet. In the past day or so I think he might be starting to position himself in the launch chamber, as it were. I’m feeling interesting pinchy/crampy sensations in the cervical region as a direct result of his movement.

So yeah. I’m feeling more and more ready. 

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