I am waiting to talk to the doctor after my very last sonogram of the pregnancy, posting this from my iPhone. As of this morning I am 1-1/2 cm dilated (up from 1 last week) and 70% effaced, up from 60%.

The doctor wanted to do a sonogram both because I am an “older mom” and he likes to check to make sure there’s enough amniotic fluid available, that the heartbeat is still strong, etc., and also because I reported to him that Aquaman wasn’t moving around much on Friday and Saturday. Sunday he was moving around just fine, but he wanted to check with a sonogram just in case.

Everything looks fine, I have plenty of amniotic fluid and the heartbeat is strong. I have not gained too much weight nor too little, my blood pressure is good, I am not swelling at all, and I just need to remember to call the doctor if I notice anything out of the ordinary — like lack of movement — again.

The sonogram nurse says that he weighs between 7.5 and 8 pounds, and that he has hair! It’s amazing they can tell that.

OK, I just talked to the doctor, and he is happy with how things are going. I am supposed to call and report my status on Wednesday morning, and he will call me on Friday to check in.

He said that the baby could conceivably (ha!) come at any point this week.


  1. Carrie

    If you can hold out another 6 days (and I’m guessing here) Aquaman will never have to celebrate his birthday on Thanksgiving. I’m big on birthdays and don’t think they should have to be shared with other holidays. Such distraction.

  2. Katy

    I’m hoping for Friday, myself! That would be the 28th… 3 days before his due date. I’m all for him not having a holiday birthday, too… one of my friends was born on Christmas day and always felt she got cheated on the celebrations. Although it would be kind of cool if he WAS born on the 27th… it is Thanksgiving this year but it also happens to be our anniversary. I kinda like that idea!

  3. Carrie

    Two special days might trump one holiday conflict. I remember your wedding. I didn’t get to talk to you much but Anna was still little and I got to pick out her dress. It was a great dress. I have no idea what I wore. Well, I wish for you a better than average labor, a healthy baby and a joyous day – no matter which day!

  4. Rachel

    The 27th would be perfect. You were born on my mom’s birthday and married on my dad’s. If Aquaman is born on my dad’s birthday then Auntie Rachel will never forget it. And it’s all about me you know (ha!).And having a holiday birthday isn’t all that bad. At least no one forgets it. And I always get out of doing the dishes on Christmas day. Besides, he’d only have a holiday birthday ever few years.

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