I’m mobile!

I have finally achieved a major leap forward in my technological coolness… I am now mobile with a laptop! I bought a brand new shiny MacBook Pro last week and currently I am typing to you from a table inside a Schlotzsky’s sandwich shop. See? Here is a photo I just took with PhotoBooth using my Mac’s built-in camera.

I brought my computer to the office today because I had a few things I wanted to finish up, and even though I brought a brown bag lunch today, I was so excited at the prospect of being mobile that I left my food in the office fridge and took my laptop out to lunch. This is a novelty to me still. 🙂

I got the new laptop not because there is anything wrong with my 3-year-old G5 — it’s still a fantastically fast perfectly working machine — but because the thought of having a baby and being tied to a 50 pound boat anchor at my desk every time I wanted to check email or write or work or make art seemed kind of limiting. Being able to work wherever the kiddo is will be very freeing. I’m a good saver, and am quite lucky in that I found myself able to afford a new computer right now.

So, do you know anyone that would like to buy a nearly-perfect condition 3-year-old Apple G5 computer? I’m in the mood to make you a really good deal on it since it’s taking up space on my floor that I just don’t have anymore. I’m quite serious about wanting to sell it, so shoot me an email if you are interested!


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