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Once again, the first cold front of the fall season has come through on (or within a few days of) my birthday! I am so very happy. A break from the oppressive summer heat is the best present I could ask for.

On Saturday we got some rain from Hurricane Ike (for those of you wondering: no, we did not have lots of wind, we did not lose power, we did not lose phone service, and we only got about 2″ of rain over 24 hours) and so it was rather wet and humid near the end of last week.

Yesterday was sunny, dry, and rather pleasant, temperature-wise. Today was absolutely amazing. Again, sunny and dry, and the high temperature reached maybe 78 or so. Right now it’s in the mid-60s and we have all the windows in the house open.

Also, the light changed this weekend. It’s taken on that goldeny fall hue, and the blazingly white summer washout light is gone. Somehow it’s easier to see. Things seem prettier.

I had a really nice birthday weekend. Doc took me out Saturday night to a yummy family-style Italian restaurant, and we met some friends there. No wine with my meal, but only 11 more weeks to go on the moratorium (actually I don’t crave wine anymore so it’s much easier these days). We stuffed ourselves and then came back to our house, where we had coffee and cake, good conversation, and played some “Pain” on the PS3. I had a great time with good friends and good food. Maybe that’s the point of life: good friends and good food.

One of my favorite gifts from Doc is a book called “Hello Cupcake.” When it’s our turn to bake cupcakes for our son’s class, they will be the best damn cupcakes ever!

Maybe a boy child won’t really want these particular cupcakes for class, but I think they’re beautiful:

And probably the cutest cupcakes EVER…


  1. Anonymous

    If you made those kick ass cupcakes for your son’s class, you would be the coolest mom ever, he would be so proud, and all the other moms would be jealous! There might even be some whispering near the gallon size containers of colored sugar water punch….

    Then, the jealous moms would start asking, “Can you make some of those little designer cupcakes for a party I’m having?”
    Then, bam! A little side business is born!
    KatyCakes! (literally)
    ; )

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