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Things are going well. Busy, but good.

Today I had my 28-week doctor appointment. I can’t believe I’m already 28 weeks into this pregnancy. Now that I’m not having morning sickness all the time, the time kind of seems to be flying by.

Mr. Baby is healthy and big. Not too big, but measuring one week and a handful of days larger. The doctor says that anything within 2 weeks is considered normal, so this doesn’t mean we’ll end up with a ten pound baby.

My belly looks like I’ve swallowed a small basketball. Sometimes it feels that way too. The basketball squishes all your guts upwards and makes it hard to eat and breathe sometimes.

As I suspected, my back pain is increasing. My pelvic bone is still sore all the time. I guess that’s probably not going to go away, either. My badly-twisted ankle from two weeks ago is finally beginning to feel a bit better. It’s still swollen all to hell but the party-colored bruise that swallowed the left half of my foot is fading.

Other than all that (!) I am feeling pretty good. I’ve been taking iron supplements and don’t feel quite as exhausted as I did a few weeks ago. I need to increase my calcium intake lest the baby start sucking it out of my bones. Baby’s gotta make his own bones somehow!

My weight gain is back on track to where it should be for 6 months into the pregnancy, although the doctor did say that I can start scaling it back a bit now. It hasn’t seemed like I’ve been eating much more than I normally do, though. Maybe I’m just retaining more of the calories or something. It’s interesting how your body does what it needs to regardless of what YOU do.

Mr. Kicky is kicking me all the time now. Sometimes I can feel it on both sides of my belly … like his feet kick me on one side and his head bounces against the other. Luckily, he was snoozing during the sonogram this morning, so it did not take too long.

We may have settled on a name for Aquaman. I think we might be keeping it under wraps for now. We haven’t really decided yet.

I’m having “Braxton-Hicks contractions,” which are like practice contractions that don’t hurt. I don’t even notice them most of the time; when I do, my belly is rock-hard to the touch, and if I stand up and walk around there is an odd sensation of downward pressure in my pelvis.

We’ve started a baby registry. Two, actually. I kind of hate doing that; I don’t have any expectations for my friends and family to buy me presents, but that’s the only reason registries exist. “Here’s a list of stuff I demand. Now buy me something!” Ugh. I know, I know. Lots of people probably WANT to do it. I need to just get over myself and let people know what I’m interested in so it’s easy for them. I guess part of it is my aversion to accumulating “stuff.” But I am deluding myself if I think that I can have a baby and not have to have a hell of a lot more “stuff” now! Babies simply require THINGS. ‘Tis the nature of a baby.

So, anyway. We are registering at Target and Babies R’Us (a store designed to part you from the contents of your wallet as quickly as possible). We’ve just begun the registries so they’re not complete yet, but we hope to finish them up this week.

It’s now 7:10 and I have to go get ready for work. Must be there before 8 a.m. Oh, and last night I was there till almost 10! More on that later.


  1. Bender Bending Rodriguez

    I’m glad you’re doing so well! I can’t wait to meet Aquadude. I am going to be sorely disappointed if the first Halloween costume isn’t a green and orange aquamanesque wet suit. Either that or a Hank Venture speed suit. Actually… scratch that, I want to wear the Hank Venture speed suit.

    Oh, and on behalfs of the internets, thank you for registering. It makes the lives of us baby-clueless people so much easier. Otherwise, I would probably buy him a pack of smokes and a Hustler magazine. Yes, I am indeed just that clueless.

  2. Katy

    HANK in a speed suit? Bender, that was an egregious error. You lose nerd/cool points for that. In fact, I’m no longer sure I can call you my brother!

    And please wait on the smokes and porn magazines until he is at least, say, 8.

  3. Bender Bending Rodriguez

    I know, I know. I bring shame to the family. But, I feel I have to speak out and tell the truth. Here goes… I am Venture Brother Dyslexic. Yep, I mix their names up all the time. Whewww… that feels good to finally get out there. I just hope that other sufferers of VBD can see that its ok to admit you have a problem.

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