Kickin’ through the skin

Last night, Doc was able to feel our little Aquaman kicking for the first time. Aquaman is the baby’s new nickname, by the way. Doc’s name means “protector of the sea,” so we decided that Aquaman would be a fitting nickname for our little one.

I loved Doc’s reaction to the kick. He began to laugh and was obviously just tickled pink. Of course, Aquaman only did it the one time that he could feel it… but it’s not like he’ll be kicking any LESS in the days to come.

He seems to be most active a few hours after I’ve eaten (or a few hours before I’ve eaten, depending on how you look at it). Swimming, walking, or any sort of movement seems to put him to sleep.

I’m getting pretty excited. I’ve been excited up till now, of course, but it’s really been more in a philosophical or theoretical sense. Today, though, I just feel like I can’t wait to meet him! Or maybe it’s just that I’m doing a better job today at ignoring the sense of fear and inadequacy.

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