How rude!

Last night I had another encounter with someone who said something quite rude to me about my pregnancy. We had dinner at Gloria’s with Brittney and Chris and some of their friends for Chris’ birthday; Doc and I held the doors open for everyone as we filed out of the restaurant afterwards. Another couple was right behind everyone so we held the doors open for them too. As the man stepped outside he turned to me and said:

Man: September 14.
Me: What?
Man: September 14.
Me: I’m sorry, but what are you talking about?
Man: Your due date. Is it September 14?
Me: Um, no….
Doc: It’s actually December 1.
Man, apparently shocked: Really? Are you carrying twins, then?
Me: NO! I’m not THAT big! (asshole! under my breath)

And that was that, he and his wife/girlfriend walked off down the sidewalk.

Seriously, people: do I look EIGHT months pregnant? Or like I’m carrying twins? All this time I’ve been thinking I look pretty damn good, perhaps even smaller than the average woman at 6 months pregnant. Maybe I’ve just been deluding myself.

I guess maybe he prides himself on being able to predict due dates, or something? I’m not sure what would possess a complete stranger to say something like that, otherwise. Maybe he didn’t mean to be rude; maybe he was truly surprised he was so far off base (by two and a half MONTHS). Maybe he didn’t mean to hurt my feelings.
Still, though, I wish people would THINK before they opened their mouths.

I guess I’m just glad that no strangers have tried to touch my stomach yet. I’m pretty sure that if that happens, I won’t be able to be particularly polite about it.


  1. Sara

    Ah yes, insensitive assholes are all around! Based on my past experience, wait until you actually have the newborn in tow and complete strangers stop you in stores to bark parenting advice at you, when all you want to do is buy some baby wipes in peace! Ahem. Just start carrying a baseball bat around with you now to ward off such offenders…

    Ah crap, did that just count as unwarranted parenting advice? Sheeesh.

  2. Silvershoes

    I’ve gotten a few comments about my size, mostly that I look farther along than I am, but the doctor tells me I measure exactly what I should. I’ve come to the conclusion that people just don’t know degrees of pregnancy. They think that if you show, you’re ready to pop. Certainly don’t take any comments seriously from a MAN! What a jerk, though. You look fabulous and just the right size!!!

  3. Yvonne

    My favorite comment was a friend of Nate’s who saw me at 8 or 8.5 months pregnant and said, “Wow, you are HUGE.” LOL. Dumbest thing to say to a woman that pregnant and miserable.

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