Summer Vacation, part 2

So we got off the train, drove to Mom’s house in Sequim, Washington, and got a good night’s sleep after a long day of travelling. We spent the next week hanging out with Mom and Dad, seeing Bob for a few days, working (Doc has a huge job right now and worked all day every day and half the nights too… when you own your own business, the work is unpredictable), taking the dog for long walks in the forest, snoozing on the patio in the 65 degree sunshine, picking strawberries (44 pounds, from Cameron Berry Farm!), going in to town, going to the beach with the dog, buying fireworks from the Indian reservation down the road and shooting them off on the driveway on the 4th of July, eating lots and lots of Mom’s delicious cooking and Dad’s smoked brisket, seeing aunts and uncles and cousins and old family friends, shopping (thanks, Mom, for the new maternity clothes!), playing endless fetch with the dog, watching Jonny Quest with Doc and Bob, sitting wrapped in a blanket in front of the fireplace (yes, in July!), enjoying the smell of fresh fir trees and sweet grasses, and generally having a wonderful, relaxing time.

The weather was absolutely fabulous. We had a few days of rain and/or mist but the rest of the time was sunshine almost all day long. The temperature stayed around 60 or so on the rainy days, and might have reached 70 on the sunny days. Cool enough to need long sleeves in the shade!

I discovered that nonalcoholic wine tastes like grape juice that something has gone terribly wrong with. Lesson learned. 

We got home late last night, and it was great to see our kitties but I really didn’t want to come home.  Why do I still live in Texas? Sigh.


The Driveway

Good Dog

Water Dog

Doc and Katy at the Beach

My Family at Discovery Bay




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