I’ve been memed!

Argh! Brett tagged me in his post and I feel it is my duty as a friend and netizen to follow through.

What I was Doing Ten Years Ago
I was unpacking boxes after moving into our first house, wishing the cats would do a better job at cockroach patrol, and working at a really boring job while trying to figure out how I could get paid for being creative.

Five Snacks I Enjoy
1. tortilla chips
2. apple slices with peanut butter
3. crackers and cheese
4. cashews
5. pistachios

Five Things On My To-do List Today
1. vacuum the house
2. walk 2 miles and stretch
3. don’t fall asleep at my desk
4. cook dinner (étoufée, rice, green beans)
5. pay bills

Five Favorite Recipes
1. Rice and black beans
2. Pizza
3. The Big Salad
4. Angel hair pasta with marinara sauce
5. Lentil soup and grilled cheese sandwich

Five Jobs I’ve Had
1. Designer
2. File clerk for mayonnaise company
3. Cake decorator
4. Ice cream scoop jockey
5. Cat washer

Five Bad Habits
1. Biting my nails
2. Watching Seinfeld reruns every night before bed
3. Not dusting
4. Forgetting to water my plants
5. Eating too many tortilla chips

All The Places I’ve Lived
1. Houston
2. Plano
3. Sherman
4. Dallas

Five Random Things About Me
1. I am synaesthetic
2. I drive a Prius
3. I would love to go into outer space, except that I get motion sickness
4. I can wiggle my ears
5. My favorite season is winter

Five People I’m Tagging
1. Doc
2. Yvonne
3. Bob
4. Nate
5. Bonnie

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