Change… part two

There are just all kinds of changes going on these days. Like I mentioned in my last post, I am quite excited that Barack Obama won the Democratic nomination. I truly believe that he can bring some much-needed changes to this country. I perceive him as honest, aboveboard, and not afraid to talk straight and tell it like it is. He is an unbelievably eloquent and inspirational speaker. He’s taken the high road throughout his campaign and not fallen into the mudslinging traps that so many other politicians do.

He’s making history, in so many ways.

So there’s that.

Another big change that’s going on right now, a little closer to home: We are having a baby! Yes, that is correct, I am pregnant once more. This time seems to be working out better than last time, so far. Right now I am almost 15 weeks, which is a full 3 weeks longer than I made it back in January. My due date is December 1.

There have been all kinds of signs that this pregnancy is working out better than the last one: For instance, I have had some nasty morning sickness that started right around week six and hasn’t really let up at all until just this week. Apparently, feeling like you want to throw up constantly is a sign of a good strong pregnancy. Last time around I felt a little queasy around six to eight weeks but then it let up; that doesn’t necessarily mean anything but I wonder sometimes if it was a signal that my body had stopped producing the pregnancy hormones.

By the way, “morning sickness” is really a poorly named symptom, since for many women it doesn’t only happen in the morning. Mine has been coming and going in waves continually throughout the day. I fell into a pattern for a while where I would feel OK in the morning and have a decent breakfast, but by lunchtime I felt icky, and then by early evening it had transformed into awful.

I lost 12 pounds over the past two months, which normally I’d be ecstatic about but isn’t such a good thing when you’re pregnant. It’s not the end of the world, since the weight loss occurred mainly in the first trimester and during that time, the fetus is so small that it gets all its nutrients from your body. I have put on four pounds from that low, so I’m still down from my starting weight… but I started out a bit on the plump side anyway, so I think I’m doing just fine.

My appetite is slowly returning and I am able to eat more than just a few bites at a time now. I am really looking forward to liking food again!! I hope this trend of feeling better continues. I know some women stay nauseated throughout the whole nine months, so I feel very lucky that mine seems to be letting up a bit. With me, the trick seems to be to eat something whenever I start to feel even the slightest bit odd, which is totally contrary to every instinct I have. It’s really difficult to make myself put something in my mouth when I’m feeling nauseated, but it usually helps. So I grit my teeth and just do it.

I had a few complications early on (such as a subchorionic hematoma), and my doctor was monitoring me pretty closely for a while, but everything seems to be going well at the moment. I’ve had three sonograms so far. The last one was two weeks ago and we saw little hands and fingers and legs. Little Jellybean was squirming around like crazy, doing little silly dances (clearly Doc’s genes at work), and the nurse had a hard time getting the measurements she needed because it wouldn’t sit still for her. That will teach me to have a sugary breakfast before a sonogram!

We don’t know whether it’s a boy or a girl yet, but we should know in a few weeks’ time.

I think I’m beginning to show. My pants are feeling a bit tight, and my tummy’s pooching a little. I’m not sure that anyone besides me can really tell though. My stomach’s always poked out a little, so I probably don’t look too different. I realized over the weekend, though, that I feel like I’m walking differently now. Like my center of gravity has shifted forward and my back is arching ever so slightly, and it makes me think I’m “waddling” a little. I don’t actually mind, though. I don’t even mind the prospect of gaining weight. (Of course, I’m trying not to think about the inevitability of LOSING that weight afterwards…. but I plan to breastfeed, and that is supposed to help you lose the baby weight).

I am experiencing many of the not-so-fun things that apparently go along with pregnancy, such as digestive troubles from start to finish (I shall spare you details), extreme tiredness, crying for no reason, peeing all the time (I now get up in the middle of the night at least once to pee), scatterbrained-ness, and round ligament pain, which feels like shooting pains from groin to hip on both sides as the uterine ligaments stretch out to accommodate my new little Baby Hut.

On the plus side, my skin has cleared up and feels smooth and healthy (is that the “pregnancy glow” so many people talk about?), I don’t have to lift heavy things anymore or vacuum or mow the grass or clean the catboxes, I have cut waaaay back on my diet soda consumption and it was really easy to do so, sex is even more awesome than it usually is (sorry if that’s TMI), I have super-vivid and interesting dreams almost every night, and I think people cut me all kinds of breaks once they find out about my “delicate condition.” I’m enjoying it while it lasts!

So anyway, that’s what’s been going on with us lately. We didn’t expect to get pregnant again quite so quickly after the miscarriage, but we are really excited about it — and it’s been hard because we didn’t want to get too attached in case I miscarried again. There is still that chance, of course, but I think we both feel more secure about it lately. I hope we’ll be good parents. I know Doc will be. I can’t wait for him to be a daddy.


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