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I haven’t felt much like posting lately. I’ve been sick and just not in the mood to write. I’m still not in the mood to write but it’s been almost a week so I’m going to try to think of some things that won’t bore you, my two readers, to tears.

I’m working from home this week, because our building at work is undergoing renovations. They’ve ripped out the ceilings, some walls, a bunch of doors, and have turned off the air conditioning. Oh, did I mention that they didn’t find new places for everyone in the building to work during the duration? No, people are expected to show up, sit at their desks, suffer through the sweltering heat and humidity, breathe in dust and asbestos and mold and god only knows what else that’s floating around in the air, and tolerate the incessant drilling and hammering noises. It’s only because my boss is freaking awesome that I’m allowed to work at home while all this is going on.

I wish we could have cats at work. It would decrease the stress level. They are SO CUTE when they are trying to get your attention. Neko has been all over me, all day long.  She’s either lounging on my desk, or trying to drape her formidable bulk across my mousing hand, or purring and licking my fingers, or trying various other things to get me to pay attention to her. I might set up a cat-cam tomorrow.

“Ha! I wrap myself around your teacup and leave you no room to mouse! PET ME!”

The other thing that happened last week – the building flooded AGAIN. We had a rainstorm Thursday night and it was heavy enough to flood our floor for the FOURTH time in the three years we’ve been there. Just like last time, they did not bother to take up the carpets or dry them out adequately. I am sure the mold is growing like crazy. It smelled pretty bad when I went in on Monday afternoon.

I can’t understand why the higher-ups are continuously and consistently willing to let their people work in a building that by all rights should not be occupied during heavy construction periods (including during the asbestos abatement from last December, when they insisted that the air quality was just fine but refused to show us air test results), or why they seem perfectly happy to let mold grow underneath our feet and enter our lungs when it repeatedly floods.

It just seems to me like there should be a lawsuit mentioned. I have half a mind to pry up some carpet tiles and take some photographs of what’s certainly growing underneath.


I was sick enough over the weekend that I couldn’t go down to Austin with Kathryn, to visit Debbie and tour the wildflowers of Central Texas. I’m bummed about that; I was looking forward to a girls’ weekend! Food, drinks, giggles, M&Ms, staying up till at least 11 p.m…. god I’m old. I hope that we can reschedule for a little later this spring.

We have termites. EW! TERMITES! We paid a painful amount of money for the pest control people to come out and shoot poison into the ground around our house and drill through our foundation to shoot poison underneath the house too. I absolutely hate poisoning the ground but don’t know what else to do to get rid of those little fuckers. I don’t think they managed to do too much damage though. I’m just glad we caught them before they SWARMED. Yes, that is as bad as it sounds. Once they poke out through your walls, it’s only a matter of time before they decide it’s time to look for a new place to nest, and they come shooting out the little holes they’ve made in your walls, one after another after another, and fly around until they find a suitable structure to eat. INSIDE YOUR HOUSE. We scotch-taped over their little holes in the walls so they couldn’t get out, forcing them back underground where the poison is (hopefully). However, this afternoon we noticed a bunch of them swarming around in our front yard. No idea where that batch came from; maybe from someone else’s yard, or the creek behind us. Anyway, apparently today was swarm day so I’m really glad we caught our infestation in time. EW!

Doc did some very cute husbandly stuff over the past few days – today he sprayed that termite swarm in the front yard, and also got rid of a wasp nest that was being built by our garage door. Damn paper wasps. Over the weekend he also fixed my shower; one of the springy washers in the faucet finally disintegrated and the shower wouldn’t stop spraying. He turned off the water to the house, after scooping about a cubic yard of yucky stuff out of the water main access hole in our sidewalk, and went to Home Depot and – surprisingly – found the right replacement bit for the faucet. I say “surprisingly” because nothing in our house is standard size, or made by companies that still exist. We really need to replace the whole faucet though, and for that we have to go down to Teter’s on Gaston to get the right kind. Apparently it’s the only place in town that stocks this old nonexistant brand anymore.

So I celebrated Earth Day by not only telecommuting (which saved about 1/4 gallon of gas and 14 miles on the Prius), but also by being a responsible tree caregiver and having our trees trimmed. The price wasn’t as bad as I was expecting, and they look great. Our backyard looks much roomier and a bit sunnier now that the 30-foot tall Bradford Pear has been “lifted and thinned,” as they call it, and our ginormous Land of the Lost Buford Hollies growing in the courtyard are still about 15 feet tall, but much thinner and lighter now. We were afraid they might bend and crack under their own weight. I’d post a photo, but without a “before” shot it really won’t look like much to you.


  1. Carrie

    WASPS! We get two warm days in Kansas and I have ants, spiders, wasps AND I got stung by a bee in my kitchen at 5:30 a.m. that rode in on the bottom of the dog’s water bowl when I was filling it up. I so love the warm weather, not so sure about the animal life.

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