1970s Kids Cookbooks

These are some photos from two cookbooks I had when I was little and LOVED. The first three images are from Betty Crocker’s Cookbook for Boys and Girls, and the last one is from The Little Witch’s Magic Cookbook. There are more images from these and others on my Flickr page.

I looooooved the photo of this cake, and I think I made it once. The best part was that the eyes were sugar cubes set inside eggshells, that you SET ON FIRE! Ghost Cake with Flaming Eyes! Scary!

I wanted to LIVE in this ski chalet.

My favorite recipe in the entire book. The authors were smart; they put the desserts at the front of the book.

Maybe this is where I got my love of peanut-butter-and-pickle sandwiches…


Update: Here’s an additional recipe and its accompanying photo, posted for reader Jennifer below. Click for bigger versions. Enjoy!


Update: And another photo for reader Tricia: Bologna cups!



  1. Jennifer Bosch

    Oh my gosh! I have searched for years for the Betty Crocker cookbook. My brother and I had one when we were kids but my mother must have thrown it out. Frequently, I think of recipes that I lived and tried searching for them but never located any info until I hit on your blog. Oh magical internets!

    I would be so very appreciative if you could tell me if there was a recipe for something called Quick Energy Pick-Me-Ups (or the like). In my memory, that was the name for these peanut butter, chocolate chip, condensed milk snack balls that my brother and I called “quick energy puke me ups.” I have wanted to make them as a surprise for him to share with his kids. Now that your blog informed me of the book’s name, I can search for a used copy but I want to makes sure it is in there!

    Thank you so much for helping me with this favor. I am most appreciative! And that you and your blog for giving me that trip down memory lane!


  2. Katy

    Hi Jennifer,
    You’re in luck! Quick-Energy Pickups are indeed in this book! In fact, it’s the page adjacent to the lovely gingerbread ski chalet above. I’m posting a pic of the recipe for you above. Enjoy!!


  3. Tricia Finley

    Please tell me…. Does one of these books contain the baloney cups recipe? I’ve been hunting for the cookbook I had but can’t remember what the outside looks like.

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