This Old Scan

Part one in my multi-part interactive online artwork series, cleverly entitled Random Stuff That I’ve Scanned From Old Boxes Of Papers And Photos. The interactive part comes in when you leave comments. 🙂

These first two photos are from Christmas 1992, Ginger’s 21st birthday party. I can only assume we celebrated with alcohol earlier in the evening, because we came home to her mom’s house and decided that it would be a GREAT idea to decorate the Christmas tree with socks and bras. Allllll kinds of bras and socks. I think they were all Ginger’s dainty things…. or maybe we each contributed some, I can’t remember. Her mom knew that we were all “artsy” types and was cool with having her tree decorated unconventionally.

This tree decoration was only topped by one Christmas when Ginger and I shared an apartment, when we made terribly naughty gingerbread people out of salt dough and hung them on our tree. Too bad I don’t have any photos of that.

Ginger, Bonnie and myself wearing some of the tree ornaments. Apparently this was before I discovered the  magic of eyebrow plucking, and letting my hair go naturally curly.

This is one of my favorite photos ever taken of myself, at Tyler State Park. I think that I am trying not to throw up due to the liter of wine I drank the previous evening.

Dear baby Jesus, Allah, Buddha, and the Flying Spaghetti Monster: 
Please make my belly look this good again some day. And let me appreciate it that time around.
Thank you. 

Aww. My old driver’s license. I looked so young!! I suppose that’s because I was.  Note the fancy eyeliner and blood red lipstick. I do believe I am wearing a Cure shirt.

One of my best friends when I was little was a boy named Jesse. He was the grandson of my grandma’s next-door neighbor/best friend, Fran. Fran’s family and my family might as well have been blood relatives, we were so close. I only saw Jesse in the summers when I would get to visit Grandma for a month or so. We had all kinds of fun driving his go-kart, building hammocks, exploring the woods, swimming in the sound, setting off fireworks, and building crab traps (and taking out the leaky rowboat to set them, and actually catching crabs!) (not in THAT way, we were like 8 years old, get your mind out of the gutter!). During the school year we’d write each other letters, often in “secret code” so my little brothers couldn’t decipher them. Our secret codes were like a=1, b=2, c=3 and so on, but we sure thought we were being clever! You can click the letter below for a larger, more legible version.

Oh. My. God. We looked so YOUNG! This is me, Margret, and Kathryn on Earth Day 1991. We were 18. What the hell did I do to my hair? Good lord.


  1. Bender Bending Rodriguez

    What? I never through tantrums. NEVER.




  2. Ginger

    Sadly, we had NOT imbibed any alcohol or other mind-altering substances on my 21st bday – we were JUST THAT WEIRD…. (Can you believe that was 15 years ago?!)

    Hey, I’ve still got those naughty XXXmas (heh heh) ornaments if you need photos. 😉

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