The Flood of March 2008

We got a lot of rain today. It rained pretty hard and pretty steadily for most of the day. Northwest Highway flooded where it crosses White Rock Creek, as it always does when we get more than a couple hours of precipitation.

It took me almost an hour to get home because they closed the road and diverted everyone. I pulled over and got a couple of photos. Notice the DART bus tipped over about halfway down the road.

In other news, our next-door neighbor was robbed today in broad daylight. They kicked in her front door. Luckily she was not home. The criminals got away with some cash and jewelry. This is the first instance since we’ve lived here of crime on our street, at least according to the crime reports in the neighborhood newsletter. Doc and I are taking measures to beef up our own security — although I think we’re doing fairly well in that area already. It’s unsettling that it happened while Doc was home today. That part really worries me. What if they’d chosen our house instead and busted in on him? What if they had a gun?

(By the way, this does not make me want to go out and get a gun for the protection of my family, in case you were wondering if I was about to get all NRA on you.)


  1. Brett

    Well if you ever do want to get a gun, I’ll be happy to help you through the process, both mental and physical. And if you ever want to go shooting, let me know that too. 🙂

  2. Rachel Z

    As someone who has had the exact same thing happen to her as your neighbor, make sure your deadbolt plate screws are screwed into the studs, not the door frame. Makes it harder to kick in. Always have your alarm on, even when you are at home and make sure you have a panic alarm on all levels.

    Good news is Dallas county does prosecute these cases and catches the m*F*ers that do this. One of the guys got caught and is probably going to spend 6 years in jail for my robbery. His new story is though that we used to hang and do drugs together and that he just had a misunderstanding of what he could take (by breaking down the door???). How laughable is that?

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