Good News, Everyone!

1820 to 1887: Golden Age Of Muttonchops.
1973: Computers will double in speed between now and the year 3000.
evening of 31st December 1999: Nibbler orders a pizza to be delivered to Applied Cryogenics, using the pseudonym I. C. Weiner.
2012: War of 2012. Conan O’Brien loses his freakishly long legs.
2063: Humanity starts dropping ice cubes into the ocean to counteract global warming
2200: Pine trees become extinct
2620: To end that stupid joke once and for all, Uranus is renamed… to “Urectum”.

It’s the Futurama timeline! Constructed by nerdy people with too much time on their hands (love you, nerds!)

Speaking of time-sucking nerdy pursuits, this guy made his own custom Lego set! Completely freaking awesome.


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