Pain, times three

Last night when I got home from work, I was feeling pretty down about the huge hospital bill that we received in the mail (why is it so much more than the 20% that I am supposed to pay as per my insurance plan? Now I have to – ugh – CALL Blue Cross and try to get a comprehensible answer out of them). So Doc and I went for a nice long run/walk to try to improve my spirits. After we got back I was really tired but had already planned to cook dinner so I somehow managed to muster up the energy.

I cooked salmon fillets, sauteéd corn with red bell pepper and lemon butter, and Chinese long beans. I really like the salmon recipe (it’s from my book) because it’s so easy. Basically you put the fillets skin-side down in a skillet with a bit of oil in the bottom, and cook on the stove for about 5 minutes. Then put the whole pan in the oven for about 15 minutes to finish cooking, and voila, delicious fish is ready. I usually put a splatter screen on top of the pan to prevent the oil from splattering all over my oven.

Now, every single time I cook salmon like this, I burn my hands on the 450-degree metal skillet handle. Apparently my brain goes on autopilot and I reach out and grab it barehanded without thinking. But last night, I thought: I am NOT going to burn myself today. I’m going to use a oven mitt EVERY TIME I reach for that pan. 

And I did use that oven mitt on that pan, every time. Job well done!

Except that, after the fish was out of the oven, I reached out and grabbed the metal splatter screen instead. D’oh!

So now I have two painful blisters on two of my fingers, and a big red burned spot on my palm.

But I count myself lucky; at least I didn’t cut off half of my thumb on a table saw like my dad did a couple of days ago. Poor dad, he’s all drugged up on Percocet until he can get in to see the orthopaedic surgeon. Unfortunately they didn’t find the missing piece in time; they had to get to the hospital post haste and couldn’t stop to look for it. 

Speaking of PAIN, Doc got us an extremely comical new game for the Playstation yesterday. It is called “Pain.” Essentially, you launch yourself off a giant slingshot into a city, aiming yourself for various landmarks and hitting things for fun. Extra points if you land in strange ways or rack yourself. Wash, rinse, repeat! I like the giant donut on top of one of the buildings. If you aim right you can sail right through the middle! 

I found myself laughing uncontrollably and feeling terrible about laughing at the terrible predicaments we put our little avatar in.


  1. joel

    absolutely do NOT let the health insurance company fuck you over — question every denial, and quote their own coverage documents back at them as needed. at least that’s what worked for me at a previous job.

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