Scenes from Boston

Doc and I went to Boston for a conference (Web Design World, which was really a fantastic conference) and to visit Bob for a few days. Boston is a beautiful city, especially in winter. It’s been really cold and wet and snowy here, and I love it.

The churches in Boston are so beautiful that they almost make me want to actually GO to church!

We took a self portrait on the street.

This is the Christian Science Church.

The Boston Public Library is one of the most beautiful buildings I have ever seen. This is part of the main entrance hall and stairs.

The library had an exhibit of intricately detailed dioramas.

I love Johnny Cupcakes!! Especially the cupcake-and-crossbones logo.

Me and Doc next to a subway station.

I love wearing my scarf and coat.

Not the Old North Church, but the Old South Church.

A big pile of icy snow.

Today we ate breakfast at a place down the street from Bob, then hopped on the subway to go to the Aquarium and the Science Museum. By the time we started off to the train station, the snow was coming down pretty heavily.

Bob and I at the Aquarium. It had closed 2 hours before we got there, due to heavy snow.

This is the snowstorm that seemed to be shutting down the whole city.

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