Goodbye, UA Cine

The old UA Cine theatre has not been in operation for years and years, and the building has stood empty. It’s back a little ways from the road and I hadn’t noticed how derelict it had become. It’s slated to be torn down in 2 weeks or so, according to the security guard who didn’t want me taking pictures on the property.

It was a really cool old building with two huge-capacity theatres. The lobby was glassed in, if I recall correctly, and the doors to the two screens were just right there off the lobby… I think those were probably the 2 openings showing in the photo above.

I don’t recall ever seeing the light-up “box office” pole in the top left corner of the above photo. Kinda neat. I have half a mind to hop that chain link fence and snag it. I’m sure that it’s sadly destined for the junkyard.


  1. Anonymous

    That was a great little art house theater! Right down to the squeeky chairs! I miss it. Sadly, I think SMU owns that property. I’m afraid to see what will go up in its place. Probably something horrible like a parking garage for the bastards library.

  2. joel

    i remember the chairs had gold velvet upholstery, and the walls were covered with gold velvet curtains, and when you opened the door to go into either theater, you had to go around either end of a short cinder-block wall topped with a frame that held more gold velvet curtains to block the light from when people opened the door

    also, lobby had 1970s bubble glass chandeliers, shown in some of the photos here:

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