A Gravy Kind of Love

Thanksgiving went well! We have way too much food left over, as usual. Anyone want some stuffing or mashed potatoes?

Doc’s turkey was awesome; it keeps getting better every year (this coming from someone who doesn’t even really like turkey!). He had to leave it in the oven a full hour longer than he planned, in order to get the temperature up to that minimum safety level (170 degrees F). Not sure why that was; perhaps our 25 year old oven is not working quite right. But most of our guests arrived shortly before it was done, so the timing worked out pretty well in the end.

I have a ton of wine (thanks dad!) left over along with about a cubic meter of stuffing. That ought to get me through the next few days quite nicely 🙂

Besides the fact that our food seemed to be a hit, the highlight of the evening for me was playing a few lively games of Catch Phrase Music Edition, where you have to get your teammates to say the title of a song that appears in the little device’s window, without saying any of the words in the title or revealing the artist. It took us a while to get into the groove but once we warmed up to it, we had a lot of fun. Bob was trying to get his team (Brittney and Chris) to say the word “from” by telling them “on a Christmas package, not ‘to,’ but …” and Brittney yelled, “NOT TOO EXPENSIVE!” That just cracked me up. Also, “A Gravy Kind of Love” is CLOSE to the name of the Phil Collins song, and appropriate for this holiday, but not quite right.

Today I did nothing but sleep, read, eat, and nap. A few other things like showering and writing a little, too. But really and truly this was a lazy lazy day. It helps that the temperature didn’t even hit 50 today… cold grey weather makes me want to snuggle under a blanket all day. Also, it snowed yesterday! On Thanksgiving! In Texas! It didn’t last long, and turned into sleet after a few minutes, but still, it was pretty cool. We had a fire going all day, and had to turn on the heater upstairs.

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